And then there was nature.

Not afraid of steps down to the river. I walked firmly.

Scared a bit of the creatures in the forest I passed through the grass and the rocks.

Wondered if myself and I should be there at all, how much mess of perfection can fit me into such a place.

And then there was nature.

Took a deep breath and almost choke in the first try, how pure can the air be for me to breathe?

Tried again to surrender my breathing to the moment, closed my eyes and took another deep breath until I got dizzy; what a delightful moment.

Here it is, by the touch of my fingers, nature has welcomed me, seems almost like I was supposed to be here, or more like, as if I never left.

Belonging to the absolute is nothing but the only truth.

Always felt I never belong to anywhere now I know I belong everywhere.

Nature did not give me roots, therefore I am not a tree. I shall move freely floating in my feet like a bubble in the sky letting the flow carries it away.

No destination is desire but the self destination to oneself.

And there I was being all and nothing feeling it all and feeling nothing to finally comprehend I am all that I am and nothing more I need to become.

May my steps lead me further than my thoughts, may my unspoken words shout out louder than my silent scream.

No memory of what’s gone should ever come back to persuade me to look back to that is no longer real.

Should all worry wash away from my eyes as I cry out my fears?

Oh nature, mother of all, embrace this your child who surrenders to your perfection.

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